Change people’s lives and generate an income for your organization in the process!

Share the summit with your audience & earn affiliate commissions

  • Educate your community and help improve the quality of their lives
  • It’s easy to do. Beautiful images, banners, email, website and social media copy all provided
  • 50% commission on all sales you generate when people order the all access pass
  • No cost to register, instant activation so you can start sharing right away

Have a question? Read our Affiliate FAQs below.


What is an affiliate link?
An affiliate link is a unique URL that contains an affiliate’s ID to attribute a purchase to that specific affiliate. For example instead of you might see But the webpage of google would still exactly the same to the visitor.
Where do I get my affiliate link?
Once you have registered by clicking the blue button above. Your affiliate link can be found on your account homepage. You can also create new custom affiliate links so that you can direct your audience straight to the Order page (rather than the homepage for example). To do this, navigate to menu within the Affiliate Member area called Custom Tracking Links > then select Alternative Incoming Page Links. Once in this section simply enter the order page URL to create your personal affiliate link for the Order page. the Order page URL is https://
Do you have sample copy and banners for me to use?
Yes! Inside our affiliate member area you can access several different email templates, images, Facebook and Twitter posts and more. We prefer you add your unique voice to the copy and social media but we’ve written them so that they can be easily pasted and published whether you do or not.
How do you make commission from a free event?
Those who have registered for the free event will also have the opportunity to purchase all of the talks (audios, videos, transcripts).
I purchased from my own link, where’s the commission on my account?
If you found the event through another affiliate’s link, the commission will go to that affiliate. If not, then you will see a commission on your account. We WILL NOT remove commissions from one account and credit it to your account if your account already has a parent affiliate.
When will affiliate commission payments be made?
Commissions will be paid no sooner than 60 days after the summit ends. This allows the 60-day money back guarantee to expire. Commissions will typically be paid 8-10 weeks after the event ends.
Can I still promote the summit once it ends?
Yes, no problem, the interviews are still very relevant.
Still need help?
Submit your question on our support page.

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