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Drug Interactions with Common Migraine Meds

Shivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RPh

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Practice
University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy
Full Bio

Shivang Joshi, MD, RPh, MPH, is a doctor, pharmacist, and migraine and pharmacology expert. He is board-certified in neurology and headache medicine. Dr. Joshi is also an associate professor of clinical pharmacy practice at Buffalo University School of Pharmacy. He is an award-winning researcher and teacher. He is a recipient of the American Headache Society’s 2012 “Frontiers in Headache Research” Scholarship Award for Cluster Headache Research, and the “Outstanding Teaching Award” from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has recently joined DENT Neurologic Institute, where he treats current and new patients.

Length: 27 minutes

Neck Pain and Migraine: Trigger or Symptom?

Andrew Charles, MD

UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program
Full Bio

Dr. Andrew Charles is director of Headache Research and Treatment, and professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He leads the Goldberg Migraine Program, established in December 2015 with the largest single private grant ever for migraine research in order to develop new treatments and research a potential cure. He has served on the board of directors for the American Headache Society since 2010 and the board of trustees for the International Headache Society since 2011. Dr. Charles educates neurologists, headache specialists and primary care physicians around the world on headache research and treatment. He’s also been published in numerous medical journals such as Neurology and Headache and serves as an associate editor of Cephalalgia.

Length: 36 minutes

Hormonal Contraception and HRT for Migraine

Anne MacGregor, MD

Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
Full Bio

Dr. Anne MacGregor is a world leader in the link between the menstrual cycle and migraine. She holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of London, and a masters in medical education from the Royal College of Physicians and University College London. Dr. MacGregor is an honorary professor at the Centre for Neuroscience and Trauma, the Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, and Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She has published more than 200 research papers, five single-author books, five co-authored books, and has co-edited three additional books.

Dr. MacGregor has carried out extensive research into drug treatments for migraine and cluster headache, including significant research into menstrual migraine. Her doctoral thesis explored the role of estrogen in migraine, which led to the development of research criteria for menstrual migraine and was adopted by the International Headache Society in 2004. She has been awarded the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Award for her extraordinary contribution to relieving those affected by the burden of headache and has received the Special Recognition Award and Honorary Life Membership from the International Headache Society. Dr. MacGregor regularly contributes to media discussions on the topic of migraine, particularly menstrual migraine.

Length: 39 minutes

Medication for Prevention: Know Your Options

Anna Andreou, PhD

Director of Headache Research
The Headache Centre, GSTT & King’s College London
Full Bio

Anna Andreou is the director of headache research at The Headache Centre, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Trust and Wolfson CARD, King’s College London. Dr. Andreou completed her PhD in neurology at the Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, where she investigated the therapeutic potentials of novel pharmacological innovations in migraine treatment. She then moved to the University of California, San Francisco, where she focused her research on the investigation of brain networks involved in headache pathophysiology and the effectiveness of neurostimulation in migraine. Dr. Andreou is now the senior Migraine Trust fellow based at the Wolfson CARD, King’s College London.

Since the completion of her PhD, Dr. Andreou received a number of awards including the Thomas E. Heftler Migraine Research Award by the American Headache Society, the Early Research Career Grant by the International Association for the Study of Pain, and the Headache Research Excellence award from the International Headache Society. She is also a co-recipient of the Enrico Greppi Award in 2010, and she is a two-time recipient of the European Headache Migraine Trust International Congress New Scientist Lecture and the American Headache Society “Frontiers in Headache Research” Scholarship Award. Dr. Andreou served as the chair of the Trainees and Residents SIG of the International Headache Society for four years and she is now a chair of the IHS electronics media committee.

Length: 46 minutes


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