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There’s more to migraine than migraine. As anyone living with this condition can tell you, it’s
more than head pain or even other physical symptoms and treatment options. It’s also about
managing relationships, work, social events, and dealing with others who might not realize the
daily struggles that come with migraine.

At, we understand the challenges of living with migraine. Our online community
illuminates the voices and experiences of people with migraine, enabling them to learn, to
connect, to share, and to live better with this condition. Every day, publishes
new, original content, reflecting the realities of life with migraine. Our community advocates
share their personal experiences, expertise, frustrations, and challenges with migraine and
encourage others to do the same. The result is a unique dialogue about important topics that
are rarely discussed in doctors’ visits or medical literature – from unusual but frustrating
symptoms, impact on quality of life, to tips for managing the strain migraine has on personal
relationships. is an online community for people with migraine, created by people with
migraine. Because we understand migraine is more than “just a headache.”

Join the conversation! Whether you are newly diagnosed, undiagnosed, or already know the
ropes, the community is here for you.

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Health Union integrates the power of human relationships and technology, uniting people in the shared experiences of life with chronic health conditions. The company creates condition-specific online communities – publishing original, daily content and continuously cultivating social conversation – to support, educate and connect millions of people with challenging, chronic health concerns. Today, the Health Union family of brands includes 20 online health communities, including,,, and

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