timetable  Apr 19, 2018 EST
person-icon  Dr. Alec Mian
Founder & CEO, Curelator Headache

Migraine Triggers, Protectors and Severity Modifiers

Key Questions

  • How good are we at predicting our own migraine triggers?
  • How common are the “common” migraine triggers like cheese, chocolate or wine? 
  • What are risk factors and how do we figure out our own?
  • How complicated is the relationship between risk factors for the frequency of migraine attacks and risk factors for the severity of migraine?
  • What is a “severity modifier”?
  • How can those with migraine break free of the “tyranny of the triggers”?
  • What tools are available that can help those with migraine discover their triggers?
  • Are these tools necessary?

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Dr. Alec Mian has a biology degree and earned his doctorate in genetics from the University of Cambridge and Harvard Medical School. He is the author or co-author of over a dozen patents and publications. He has been the CEO of several companies and served on the board of directors of one Spain’s largest design companies, Santa & Cole. One of his biotechnology companies, Gemedica, grew to become Spain’s leading biotechnology startups and raised over 20 million euros in local and international venture capital & government grants. He is now the founder and CEO of Curelator Headache, a platform that goes beyond tracking to help you identify your migraine triggers, protectors and severity modifiers.



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