timetable  Apr 25, 2018 EST
person-icon  Angie Glaser
 Migraine Advocate & Content Editor, MigraineAgain.com

Applying For and Living With Disability

Key Questions

  • How does the Americans with Disabilities Act define a disability and how does this definition relate to chronic migraine?
  • What is the disability application process and what information is required for submission?
  • At what point should a person consider applying for disability?

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Angie Glaser is Content Editor at Migraine Again and founder of the blog, “Chronic Migraine Life.” Her experience navigating work, the medical system, and Social Security Administration while struggling with chronic daily migraine has trained and inspired her to advocate for herself and others like her. On behalf of this huge, underserved, and often invisible population, she works in media to provide information and support to patients while advocating for greater attention to migraine for research and development, all while continuing to battle daily migraine.


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