timetable  Apr 23, 2018 EST
person-icon  Francois Cadiou
  Co-Founder & CEO, Healint/Migraine Buddy

The Most Common Treatments Patients Use

Key Questions

  • What are the most used migraine treatments, according to data you’ve compiled?
  • Why might a person with migraine think about changing preventative and acute migraine treatments?
  • How does one’s record-keeping of migraine attacks and triggers affect treatment?

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Francois Cadiou is the founder and CEO of Healint, a health data analytics company based in Singapore and the team behind Migraine Buddy, the most used migraine app in the world. Migraine Buddy is currently on the verge of having one million registered users, and has collected real-world data from one hundred million tracked migraine days. Inspired by his own family experience with stroke, Francois is determined to help patients and their caregivers to provide better monitoring solutions. A tech enthusiast with significant experience in pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, he decided to start Healint, an innovative health startup that resonates with his experiences and passions.


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