timetable  Apr 25, 2018 EST
person-icon  Serene Branson
  Migraine Advocate & Journalist, CBS-2/ KCAL-9

How to Thrive in Your Career Despite Migraine

Key Questions

  • What is “transient aphasia” and how does it relate to migraine?
  • How can you manage a very public career once viewers have seen you having a debilitating migraine attack on live TV?
  • What are ways you can educate employers and coworkers while managing migraine?

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Serene Branson is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the recipient of the Frank Shakespeare Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism. She has had over thirteen years of live TV experience, including covering the bombing of the Boston Marathon and some of California’s largest natural disasters. Serene has also interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, reporting on the red carpets of the Grammys, the Oscars, and the Emmys. Serene also worked at the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, where she covered state politics, including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In February 2011 Serene Branson suffered a neurological episode on air while reporting for the Grammys. Her slurred, incoherent speech went viral, as bewildered viewers suspected she was having a stroke. It was actually a case of transient aphasia, one of the stranger symptoms of migraine that can mimic a stroke. Serene has utilised her exposure from this episode to raise awareness of migraine. She currently reports for KCBS 2 and KCAL 9 News in Los Angeles.


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