timetable  Apr 26, 2017 EST
person-icon  Dr. Josh Turknett
  Author -The Migraine Miracle

Eat to Thrive: How an Ancestral Diet Fights Migraine

Key Questions

  • There’s a lot of buzz about different diets for people with migraine. Which ones help?
  • Is there any evidence to suggest a Ketogenic diet reduces migraine frequency?
  • What are some key nutrients and foods that are helpful for people with migraine?

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Dr. Turknett is the author of The Migraine Miracle, A Sugar Free, Gluten Free Ancestral Diet to Reduce Inflammation and End Your Headaches for Good. He is a practicing neurologist in Atlanta, Georgia, with DeKalb Neurology. He and his wife Jenny also run an online support community for people interested in implementing his 21-day meal plan for people with migraine to change the way they eat.


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