timetable  Apr 23, 2017 EST
person-icon  Dr. Patricia Pozo Rosich
  Vall D’Hebron, Spain

Solving the Puzzle of What’s Causing Migraines

Key Questions

  • If migraine is genetic, then how can some patients have no family history?
  • How is the brain of a person with migraine different from others?
  • Does new genetic evidence imply that genetic therapy is possible?


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As the Director of Headache and Neurological Pain Research at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research in Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Pozo Rosich is one of the leading migraine researchers in Europe. An active leader in the International Headache, one of Dr. Pozo’s passions is to educate patients and clinicians about migraine through the Spanish-language website and Facebook community she founded, midolordecabeza.org.


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