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The Sponsor Level package offers the opportunity to align with specific days, including the live event in Boston.

Partner with the Migraine World Summit to reach over 1 million engaged migraine patients and be associated with the top migraine experts in the world.

According to Richard B. Lipton MD, a world leading migraine epidemiologist and speaker at the Migraine World Summit 2016, 50% of migraine patients have not been diagnosed with migraine and less than 5% of chronic migraine patients receive minimally effective guideline recommended treatments and diagnosis.

In April 2017, the second Migraine World Summit will occur after the tremendous success, patient engagement and attendee feedback from 2016.

To learn more about the Sponsor Level benefits and fees please fill out the form below to receive a sponsorship information pack.

Thank you very much!

Sponsors and Exhibitors get these benefits:


  • AUDIENCE REACH: reach a forecasted 1+ million migraine patients, 100,000 to attend live over the week. Your brand will be exposed to our global community of migraine and headache sufferers —  your potential customers and brand advocates.
  • BRAND ALIGNMENT with the largest migraine patient conference, the world’s top migraine and headache experts, and the cause. The live event serves as a fundraiser to top migraine nonprofits.
  • COMPANY/PRODUCT PROMOTION in the Digital Exhibit Hall, including an overview, and optional video, promotional offer, link to your site and lead generation to build your own database.
  • VIP PASSESEducate your team, including your staff, agencies and key contractors with no travel, exposing them to the industry’s top talent, latest research and best practices in migraine and headache management … all delivered in plain english at a convenient time.
  • GIVEAWAYS – Get additional exposure during the Summit by providing valuable products and prizes that we give away to audience members in exchange for promotional consideration.

In addition, Sponsors can leverage the Migraine World Summit in the marketplace:

  • OFFICIAL DESIGNATION – use “Official Sponsor of The Migraine World Summit” and our marks in all your patient, KOL and HCP Marketing materials, in social media and on your website.
  • CO-MARKETING RIGHTS in the marketplace with co-marketing rights. We will help you develop a unique angle or offer to further leverage your sponsorship in general and digital media to get an even better ROI on your sponsorship.
  • PREMIUM PLACEMENT adjacent to your sponsored Day’s content and within the Digital Exhibit Hall.
  • CONTENT MARKETING – offer white paper and resource downloads on your Sponsored Day’s page and in the Digital Exhibit Hall. (Content subject to approval).
  • DIRECT MARKETING – one Sponsored email sent to our list within the calendar year.

For specific fees complete the form below to receive a sponsorship information pack.

What's the difference between a Sponsor and Exhibitor

There are several important differences between the two levels.  The Sponsor will have more opportunities to get exposure thru premium placements, frequency, content marketing and direct marketing campaigns. Sponsors will be able to use the official sponsor designation of the Migraine World Summit in company’s own marketing materials.  Additionally, activation of a Sponsor account will include a customized plan to meet the specific needs of the company (branding, legal compliance and more).  The Exhibitor will have exposure to the Migraine World Summit audience but it is designed for companies on a more modest budget.  Benefit details are covered in greater detail in the information pack you’ll receive when you submit the form below.

What is the fee to become a sponsor?

Pricing details are covered in the information pack you’ll receive when you submit the form below.

Can I sell or promote my product or service at the Summit?

Your company will have the opportunity to do so in the Digital Exhibit Hall.  However, some limitations may apply and the Migraine World Summit will have final approval. Details are covered in the information pack you’ll receive when you submit the form below.

Where can I learn more about sponsorship opportunities?

Sponsorship details are covered in the information pack you’ll receive when you submit the form below.  If you have further questions we will be happy to talk with you by phone or by email.


About the Migraine World Summit

What: The Migraine World Summit – online talks and a half-day live event in the US

When: April 23-29, 2017

Where: Online April 23-28 and a Live event (streamed online) in Boston (April 29, 2017). 

Who: Migraine patients, caregivers and close family.

  • Our goal is to help reduce the global burden of migraine by providing unprecedented access to world class experts FREE.
  • It is an event made up of 32-36 world leading experts from around the globe
  • In 2016 (it’s inaugural year) it became the largest ever patient conference event for migraine.
  • It reached over 100,000 people, video was played over 50,000 times with 7,500 live attendees.
  • In 2017 we hope to reach over 1 million people around the world.

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The Migraine World Summit is your chance to improve your understanding of migraine headaches from over 30 of the world's leading experts and specialists. Read more


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