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At Amgen, our mission is to serve patients. Our nearly 20,000 staff members around the world have a deep commitment to this mission. We are fully aware of both the privilege and the responsibility that goes along with this important work.

We come to work knowing that with every decision made, we have the ability to make significant differences in the lives of those impacted by serious illnesses.

vitamin shoppe
vitamin shoppe

the Vitamin Shoppe

A healthy difference

Our goal is to make a healthy difference in people’s lives every day and travel with each customer on their wellness journey. It matters to us that our customers know we are a reliable resource for their favorite products and also a place where highly trained health enthusiasts are always excited to advise, explain, and share healthy inspiration. From our huge range of top-quality supplements (26,000), to our free Healthy Awards® club and everyday low prices, we make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices every day.


eNeura Inc.

sTMS miniTM by eNeura®
Finally, a clinically proven, non- drug option for the treatment of migraine.

A safe, patient use device with none of the side effects associated with migraine medications. Small and simple to use, the sTMS mini lets you treat migraine at home and on the go.

Scientific studies have shown that sTMS interrupts brain hyperactivity associated with migraine. TMS technology was previously only available at leading neurology clinics.

vitamin shoppe

Mighty Leaf

Savor black, herbal and iced teas that promote calm, focus and good health. Whether it’s Ginger Twist, Organic Mint Melange or Ginger Peach, it’s love at first sip.

Mighty Leaf was born out of a shared passion for whole leaf tea. Founders Gary Shinner and Jill Portman fell in love with whole leaf tea in the mid-90’s over a pot of Chinese Oolong tea while shopping for engagement rings in Chicago. A few years later, they made the bold decision to leave their jobs in investment banking and architecture to open a modern day tea house to share their love of whole leaf tea with others. They packed up their lives in Chicago and moved to San Francisco where “Tea & Company” located on Fillmore Street, opened its doors in 1996. Tea and Co was the first of its kind in San Francisco and perhaps a little ahead of its time.


audible, an amazon company

  • 30 days of membership free, plus a book to get you started.
  • 1 credit a month after trial, good for any book regardless of price.
  • Ad-free, premium audio you listen to offline. No interruptions.
  • Your own library to build. Keep your books forever, even if you cancel.
  • Exclusive member-only savings. Get 30% off additional audiobooks.
  • Easy exchanges. Don’t love a book? Swap it for free, anytime. Seriously.

CVS Health

Millions of times a day, close to home and across the country, we’re helping people on their path to better health.

We’re reinventing pharmacy to have a more active, supportive role in each person’s unique health experience and in the greater health care environment—from advising on prescriptions to helping manage chronic and specialty conditions to providing quality walk-in medical care and pharmacy benefits management.

Because we’re present in so many moments, in ways that are more affordable and effective, we’re able to positively influence health behavior and shape the future of health care for people, businesses and communities. Health is everything.


There’s more to migraine than migraine. As anyone living with this condition can tell you, it’s more than head pain or even other physical symptoms and treatment options. It’s also about managing relationships, work, social events, and dealing with others who might not realize the daily struggles that accompany migraine.

At, we understand the challenges of living with migraine. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, undiagnosed, or already know the ropes, the community is here for you. Because we understand migraine is more than “just a headache.”


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Company Info

Theranica brings electrical neuromodulation therapy to a new level. We have developed Nerivio, a fully-integrated and self-contained family of therapeutic patches suited to be worn everywhere and at any time. Our patches, as well as other types of wearables we are planning, are controlled by intuitive smartphone applications in order to easily adapt therapy treatments to today’s modern lifestyle.

By combining our breakthrough technology with a user-friendly wearable design, we offer an entirely new approach to therapeutic products – effective, personal, non-invasive, disposable and at a fraction of the price of similar products on the market.

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Company Info

TheraSpecs migraine glasses help prevent everyday light from triggering a migraine attack and also reduce painful light sensitivity. TheraSpecs lenses use a precision tint—supported by decades of medical research—to filter the most harmful wavelengths of light; they are complemented by lightweight, protective frames to provide comprehensive protection from fluorescent lighting, computer and device screens, or sunlight. Of the thousands that have tried them, nearly 90% have experienced fewer attacks, less overall sensitivity to light, or both.

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Company Info

Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. Gaiam brands include Gaiam, focused on yoga and fitness; Gaiam Restore, focused on wellness; SPRI focused on fitness, and its eco-travel business, Natural Habitat Adventures. With a wide distribution network that consists of approximately 38,000 retail doors, 18,000 store within stores, 5,000 category management locations, and e-commerce, GAIAM is dedicated to making yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all.

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Company Info

Co-founded by a neuro-ophthalmologist and light-sensitivity researcher at the University of Utah, Axon Optics is at the forefront of using newly-discovered optics technology in the treatment of light sensitivity.

With so many people in the world suffering from migraines and other issues caused by light sensitivity, the founders wanted to share this technology with the world. For this reason, proceeds from the sale of Axon Optics products go to furthering research into additional technologies and techniques to help light-sensitive conditions.

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Company Info

Migrastil is distributed by Basic Vigor Nutraceuticals, LLC. It was developed by migraine sufferers for migraines sufferers.

We were tired of relying on prescription medicines with unpleasant side effects. We read everything we could about migraine and followed all the latest clinical research with passion. After several years of trial and error, trying out various formulations using ourselves as guinea pigs, we developed what we think is the finest all natural migraine relief supplement on the market today. Migrastil contains four ingredients clinically shown to lessen the frequency and severity of migraines. We are so confident in Migrastil’s ability to help our fellow migraine sufferers that we offer a 90 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

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Company Info

Our food system—the way in which food is grown and distributed—is complicated, and
 making good choices for your family can be difficult. We are changing that: By partnering with farmers to raise the highest-quality ingredients, by creating a distribution system that delivers ingredients at a better value and by investing in the things that matter most—our environment and our communities. This will be a decades-long effort, but with each Blue Apron home chef, together we can build a better food system. Great food … delivered to you!

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Company Info

HealthTap gives you access to:

  • A network of more than 100,000 verified, trusted doctors from 141 specialties who can answer your health questions
  • Primary care doctors online — 24/7 live connection to a top U.S. doctor on demand
  • Medical experts from 141 specialties: psychiatrists to dermatologists
  • A prescription or a lab test — you have the ability to request one after your consult
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Our research led us to the discovery that a single, well-balanced sleep surface could cater to the vast majority of sleeping positions, body types, and slumber eccentricities.

We developed our award-winning combination of foams, with each component specifically chosen for its properties and how they work together.

We invite you to experience the perfect mattress.

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Company Info

At Spark Naturals, we understand the importance of quality sourcing for our products. Our Essential Oils are tested, pure oils. What separates Spark Naturals is our variety of top quality products and our competitive pricing.  Each oil, whether it is a component of a blend or a pure essential oil, is selected from the best geographic area in the world to cultivate and grow that particular plant or tree. Spark Naturals’ Essential Oil product line is made up of oils from just about every corner of the world.

For instance, our lavender comes from France, our Eucalyptus from Australia, our Lemon oil is sourced from Italy, and our Wild Orange is harvested in the Dominican Republic – to name just a few. Spark Naturals oils are the purest Essential Oils available, because we carefully and strategically source them.  Luxury products found at our prices are rare in the marketplace. We purchase each oil in large quantities to ensure lower pricing. Our exclusive agreements with the farmers, distilleries and cold press houses mean a cheaper, higher quality raw material.

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Company Info

Arm yourself with your own toolkit of yoga based practices to improve circulation, reduce pain & stress, release muscular tension, & improve posture—all factors in migraines.

Melt into this gentle, mindful approach to transform your experience of pain with practices specifically designed for migraine prevention & relief.

Build your healing toolkit with mindfulness, pranayama, mudra, meditation, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, & homeopathic remedies. Ease & prevent your migraines today.

Digital program, 3 videos PLUS ebook. Presented by Gentle Yoga Teacher & Migrainer Courtney Amber Kilian

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Company Info

We like to dream big and we understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts – sometimes good, sometimes bad. We created The Honest Company to fulfill our big dreams, hoping we would make the right choices – following our hearts and consciences, with each detail and every decision – that would result in positive impacts (sounds kind of like parenting, right?).

Here are the standards we developed from that vision. Standards we regularly revisit and refine, because at our core we simply want to always try to be better. Create a Culture of Honesty, Make Beauty, Outperform, Service Matters, Sustain Life, Be Accessible, Pay it Forward and Fun.

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Company Info

Ambient Weather has been serving customers on the internet since 1998. Ambient Weather is the market leader in weather station and environmental monitoring instruments. We also offer thousands of products on our website, including consumer electronics, media, personal safety and home improvement.

Our goal is to offer the lowest prices in the industry while maintaining premium customer service and support.

Ambient Weather was named one of America’s 500 largest e-retailers based on annual sales on the web (2008), as compiled by Internet Retailer. Ambient Weather has been consistently named one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine (2004-2008).

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