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Speak Your Migraine

#SpeakYourMigraine is a global initiative by Amgen and Novartis to raise awareness of the total impact of migraine. The campaign aims to drive towards a better understanding of the broader impact this disease has at work, at home, among friends… and everywhere (find out more:

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies and Novartis has nearly 70 years of experience in neuroscience, and both are committed to leading the charge together to fight the public misconceptions, stereotypes and the burden of migraine. We hope this will allow Amgen and Novartis to make a positive impact on patients’ lives and be an ally for the migraine community.

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vitamin shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe

A healthy difference

Our goal is to make a healthy difference in people’s lives every day and travel with each customer on their wellness journey. It matters to us that our customers know we are a reliable resource for their favorite products and also a place where highly trained health enthusiasts are always excited to advise, explain, and share healthy inspiration. From our huge range of top-quality supplements (26,000), to our free Healthy Awards® club and everyday low prices, we make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices every day.


eNeura Inc.

The sTMS mini™ by eNeura – Now FDA cleared for prophylactic and acute migraine treatment

A safe, patient use device as effective as medications — with none of the intolerable side effects.

  • Reimbursed by commercial insurance plans
  • Comprehensive patient support services
  • Small and portable
vitamin shoppe
Full Safety & Prescribing Info, Including Boxed Warning. Learn More Today.
BCM114677 04/18

At, you’ll find an authentic wellness community of migraine and headache warriors and headache who walk in your shoes every day. Discover not just how to survive, but how to thrive in your life, love and work despite frequent and chronic pain. It’s a supportive and empowering environment where people can find wellness solutions and coping strategies to get control of this disabling disease.

Founded by a lifelong migraine warrior and patient advocate, Paula K. Dumas, nearly all of our team members and contributors are people with migraine or their family members.

We’re proud to be a purpose-driven company that puts people above profits. Our leaders work with non-profits, government, industry and the media to demand better treatments, access to care, disease awareness and research for people with migraine and chronic pain.


There’s more to migraine than migraine. As anyone living with this condition can tell you, it’s more than head pain or even other physical symptoms and treatment options. It’s also about managing relationships, work, social events, and dealing with others who might not realize the daily struggles that accompany migraine.

At, we understand the challenges of living with migraine. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, undiagnosed, or already know the ropes, the community is here for you. Because we understand migraine is more than “just a headache.”

The Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients (CHAMP) provides support to people with headache, migraine and cluster diseases who are often stigmatized and under-served. CHAMP brings together organizations and leaders to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration. Visit the CHAMP website to view curated information and resources for people with headache diseases. The site has a comprehensive calendar of events related to migraine, cluster and headache, and it will serve as a hub of information for National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month in June.

By working together, our patient advocacy community will be more effective in securing research funding, increasing public understanding, and improving treatment options available to those with headache diseases.

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