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How can I make sure I am notified when the Summit is live?

To make sure you are notified about the summit simply click on the any of the blue registration buttons on the website and enter your name and email. You will receive a confirmation email within 20 minutes to confirm your address. Once you have confirmed your email address you’re all set.

If you don’t receive your confirmation email within 20 minutes, please check your junk mail or promotions tab. Sometimes it gets stuck there. For further issues please feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

When is the Migraine World Summit live?

Migraine World Summit is an annual event held each year. It is live every year in March or April.

In 2018 it was live from April 18-26. The 2019 Summit dates have yet to be announced. Make sure you join our Newsletter or Register at the bottom of this page to be the first to know.

How can I purchase my own copy of the summit?

If you missed the live event or key sessions, you may order an All Access Pass which includes all the interviews, audio and transcripts. A portion of the proceeds will go towards our migraine charity partners who are listed on our event page.

To get unlimited, on-demand access, visit the order page.

How does the Summit raise money for charity if it's free?

The Summit is free to view for the first 8 days once you register. At any time afterwards you can purchase a copy of the Summit and receive a hard copy of the all the transcripts, treatments, MP3 files and video recordings sent to your address. You can also receive online access. From those who order a copy, up to 50% of the proceeds go towards our partner migraine charities, many of whom are listed on our homepage.

We also encourage attendees to share our charity partner pages with their friends, family and colleagues to help raise funds for migraine research and patient support.

Please note: purchase is entirely optional and not required to see the expert speakers. 


How can I become an referral partner or affiliate?

Simply register your details on our affiliate page here and we’ll send you everything you need to help share the Summit, bring the migraine community together and raise funds in the process.

Is vestibular migraine covered?

Yes. Dr. Frederick Godley (MD, FACS) discusses the vestibular system this year. He is an otolaryngologist (or ENT doctor) and President of the Association of Migraine Disorders. To preview his talk click here.

Last year Dr. David Dodick also discussed Vestibular migraine in detail including treatments for V.M. He is the immediate past president of the International Headache Society and Director of Headache Program at the Mayo Clinic. If you missed his session you can preview the interview here

Is hemiplegic migraine covered?

This year several of our speakers reference hemiplegic migraine in their talks in Allan Purdy MD, Juliana VanderPluym MD, Robert Cowan MD, and Teri Robert.

However, in 2017 Dr. David Dodick discussed Hemiplegic migraine in detail. He is the immediate past president of the International Headache Society and Director of Headache Program at the Mayo Clinic. He is an extremely experienced headache specialist. If you missed his popular session you can preview the interview here

To see when the other speakers are featuring please check the schedule page.

When will the schedule for the 2019 Migraine World Summit be released?

Please check the schedule page in late Feburary 2019 when the speakers and topics will be announced:

Why are the interviews available only for 24 hours?

You will have 24 hours to listen to each day’s program, no matter your time zone. After 24 hours they will be replaced by the following day’s speakers.

This is so that as much content as possible can be included in the Summit while not exhausting server capacity, slowing speed or having to limit volumes during the week. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to view these experts at no charge. That’s also why we’ve donated over $15,000 USD to charities, foundations and migraine groups who are funding research and support for migraine patients.

The Migraine World Summit has never made a profit and does not seek donations. Our goal is to reduce the global burden of migraine. We know this requires a sustained effort over time.

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